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Official News: NBA 2K17 Soundtrack Have Been Revealed

Official News: NBA 2K17 Soundtrack Have Been Revealed

According to the press release, NBA 2K17 featured Noah Shebib, Grimes and Imagine Dragons as music curators for this year’s game.


Today 2K Sports announced the soundtrack for this year’s professional basketball game, NBA 2K17.

Whereas people like LeBron James and Pharrell Williams curated the soundtracks for previous games, this time it was Imagine Dragons, Noah Shebib, and Grimes with those duties.

There are 50 songs on the soundtrack, including Drake’s “Pop Style” and “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)” by Jay-Z. OutKast’s “Rosa Parks” and the Imagine Dragons song “Friction” are also on it.

You can see the complete list of artists and songs on the NBA 2K17 soundtrack here at PastaPadre, while you can listen to them all here on Spotify.

In other news about 2K Sports and music, it was announced this week that Sean Combs AKA Puff Daddy curated the soundtrack for WWE 2K17.

Video-game soundtracks are unusually important, given how much you will hear these songs when you play the game. If you aren’t into the soundtrack, it can put a damper on the gameplay experience. While it would be cool if there were more songs like Grimes’ “Kill vs. Maim” in the mix, if you want that kind of stuff, maybe a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack is more your thing.

NBA 2K17 releases for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 20. You can play the game four days early by pre-ordering the game. You also get some digital content such as virtual currency if you preorder.

This year’s cover star is Indiana Pacers forward Paul George, but if you want to spend extra money, you can get the Legend edition, which comes with now-retired NBA legend Kobe Bryant on the box and digital and physical goodies based on the former Los Angeles Laker.

The booming of NBA 2K17 game details is coming, let it come stronger.

One of NBA Most Popular Athlete Retired from Knick

One of NBA Most Popular Athlete Retired from Knick

Stoudemire have retired from NBA as Knick. In July 8, 2010, one of the most dominant forwards of his era – and marked one of the most memorable introductions in team annals as the 6-10 perennial All-Star – took the stage of Madison Square Garden in front of a nation-wide media contingent.

Stoudemire’s arrival to the World’s Most Famous Arena catapulted the Knicks into contention and ended a post-season drought to start a three-year playoff run. In just his first season in the Orange and Blue, the Lake Wales, FL native became the first Knick to be voted a starter in the NBA All-Star Game since Patrick Ewing (1997) by garnering over 1.6 million fan votes.


At the conclusion of the 2010-11 season, the NBA announced that Stoudemire’s No. 1 jersey had risen to fourth place on the NBA’s list of most popular jerseys list.
In 14 NBA seasons, Stoudemire averaged 18.9 points (15,994 total) and 7.8 rebounds (6,632) in 846 career games for Phoenix, New York, Dallas and Miami. In addition to six NBA All-Star berths, he was named to five All-NBA Teams (two first teams, three second teams) and was the 2003 NBA Rookie of the Year. In international competition, Stoudemire represented the United States at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens and at the 2007 FIBA Americas Championship in Las Vegas.

As a member the Knicks, Stoudemire averaged 17.3 points and 6.7 rebounds in 255 games and helped win the 2012-13 Atlantic Division title. From Nov. 28-Dec. 15, 2010, Stoudemire broke the franchise’s 48-year record held by Willie Naulls by scoring 30-plus-points in nine consecutive games.

2K also announced that the 2016 USA Basketball men’s team would make an appearance in the upcoming basketball game. Additionally, coach Mike Krzyzewski will be on the sidelines, advising the USA team during its games. Krzyzewski will also appear in the in-game tutorials.

NBA 2K17 releases for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 27. You can play NBA 2K17 four days early by preordering the game. You also get some digital content such as virtual currency if you preorder.

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Official Screenshots In NBA 2K17: Team USA and 1992 Dream Team

Official Screenshots In NBA 2K17: Team USA and 1992 Dream Team

Days ago, 2K Sports released the first official screenshot of Team USA along with that for 1992 Dream Team. It also showcased the new look at the card designs for this year’s iteration of the series.

Prior to the official news regarding the addition of Team USA, the game’s cover for Standard Edition already hinted that Olympics feature will debut in the game. Paul George appeared in the cover art wearing his Team USA uniform.

First NBA 2K17 Screenshot

Take a look at the entire Team USA roster for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the original Dream Team from 1992—with Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen.

The Dream Team is being offered as a pre-order bonus.

1992 USA Basketball Dream Team

Barkley and Pippen have been notoriously difficult to gain a license to use on varying levels, but gamers should be pleased to see them both included in this year’s game.

We’re still waiting to hear if Barkley has been included in the pre-game, halftime and post-game shows with Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith.

As it the two surprising reveals are not enough, 2K Sports has also offered an up close look at the new card designs for MyTeam for the pre-orders.


I like the transparency look. It separates NBA 2K’s visual concept (no pun intended) from other similar modes. NBA 2K17 releases on September 20 (September 16 for those who pre-order).

Players Want to See Improvements in NBA 2K17

Players Want to See Improvements in NBA 2K17

Many players shared their thought about NBA 2K17. In a word, what they want to see improvements in NBA 2K17. Please see below.

NBA 2K17

A: I hate every other game the coach walks in as says something like, “We’re playing the Cavs, and Lebron is one of the top players in the league, I need you to make a gameplan”. You’re the coach, you make the gameplan.

B: Any more customization. I’ve only had 3 MyGMs that I’ve actually had success with this year: Nets, Knicks, and of course my hometown Blazers, which I do every year. And in 2K15 I only could get through the Bucks (which was a great one for me), Kings, and Blazers. MyLeague just has so many options and customization, especially for 2K17, that for someone who just loves basketball as a whole it’s a great mode to play.

C: If you’ve ever played mygm you’d know you can change practice intensity for individual players. But honestly I’m gonna be upset if we can’t trade draft day rights like the computers can. You ever wanna draft someone at say 6, they’re projected to go 10th and some fuck takes them at 3 or 4. Why can’t I trade for that guy but when my pick comes I can see trade offers that include draftees? Then the season rolls around you can finally trade for the guy and it costs a fortune.

D: I can take team stretching for picks now and again, but not being able to trade the draftees at my digression really tilts me. That, and the trade logic of some teams make no sense.

After these, a senior players posted:” After playing a lot of MyGM this year I think a lot of work needs to be done. IMO MyGM was the worst game mode this year, it was stressing, illogical and unrealistic and really didn’t change from last year. Your actions as a GM are far from realistic and are very limited. Handling your players is one of the most stressful things to do, they complain about everything, wether is training intensity; role or playing minutes, they are never satisfied. Promises are broken, one player says he wants the training intensity to be reduced, you reduced it NBA 2K17 MT Coins 5 days later he comes to your office and tells you how you didn’t decreased the intensity, meanwhile 2 other players want the intensity to increase. Now, this is where it gets worse, if you refuse to do something a player or a staff member wants, they get mad and start playing like trash and now they want to leave your team. The Press forces you to say controversial statements which is very dumb NBA 2K17 MT not realistic, you’re always forced to say something bad about your team. The Head Coach gets mad because you didn’t draft the player he wanted it. There’s better prospects around and you want me to draft a 65 overall player instead of a 70+ rated player we scouted all year along? You have to be kidding me… The owner is a dickhead and always sets unrealistic goals, he wants a Big 3 (3 players with an 82 rating or better) by the end of Free Agency when there’s only an 80+ player or 3 80+ centers. Says he wants a championship when your team sucks. You have the perfect team to win a chip, yet your players won’t accept their roles and only want big contracts and be starters. You have a good team and not a single staff member wants a contract with your team. I can’t believe how these things are even possible, I expect major improvements in NBA 2K17.”

In my opinion, this person must be the true love of NBA 2K, he type so many words to express his thought about NBA 2K17. In his mind, he really hope that NBA 2K can do better and better.

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Tweaks in the NBA 2K17 Game

Tweaks in the NBA 2K17 Game

NBA 2K17 game has seen a lot of great additions this year; I’ll get into the rest of those details a little closer to launch. We all knew that some small new features were announced for the upcoming NBA 2K17 video game. Some of these features have been included in past video games. And there are so many changes in real NBA court and players’ life.

This real-life change is expected to be reflected in the game and some tweaks to “NBA 2K17” are reportedly being done to ensure that this is followed. Fans are concerned that the tweaks could delay the release. But should this be a cause for concern? According to Erick Boenisch, Senior Producer on NBA 2K17, the MyGM and MyLEAGUE modes will feature a league expansion option for the first time in the franchise. NBA 2K17 League Expansion isn’t just a feature you can use when setting up your league.

You can dynamically expand your league in the offseason, even after the mode has already started! Additionally, the league will approve expansion franchises dynamically on its own as you get further into your franchise. When that happens, you’ll need to make tough decisions about which of your players you want to protect, and which will need to be exposed for the impending NBA 2K17 Expansion Draft. It won’t happen very often, but when it does, it will shake up your league, without a doubt! For the NBA 2K17 users out there, you will have the ability to contract previously expanded expansion teams, should you choose to do so.
NBA 2K17
The team at 2K Sports and Visual Concepts behind NBA 2K17 has finally released the first tidbit of news about the game, and it’s a doozy. Senior Producer Erick Boenisch (aka SimBaller) wrote on Facebook today that the game’s MyGM and MyLEAGUE modes will now feature a league expansion option, allowing for players to expand the league from its current 30 teams up to a maximum of 36 teams. Even better, players will have unparalleled freedom when selecting which teams they want to add to their league.

With head coach Luke Walton at helm, he will surely thrive on the system that he will implement from the Golden State Warriors, the ball movement and constant motion. Clarkson is supported by young guns Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell and Larry Nance Jr, with #2 pick on their side. Lakers have plenty of money to sign for some free agents especially Kevin Durant so it will be a interesting offseason for them, with Jordan Clarkson locked in.

NBA2K’s official account confirms and assures gamers that the release is all set for Sept. 20. In fact, it has been announcing what gaming fans can look forward to once the “NBA 2K17” is out and the developers aren’t worried at all about the roster changes. A considerable amount of time was spent this year building an NBA schedule creation tool that dynamically generates balanced schedules with respect to your 31/32/33/34/35/36 team leagues. We then created dynamic menus for every menu in the game including the Draft Lottery and the Draft, with respect to how many teams are in the league. For example, when you have a 32-team league.

We’re always looking for ways to innovate in the franchise space, and following on the heels of Team Relocation in NBA 2K16, League Expansion feels like the natural evolution moving forward with NBA 2K17. The game is even introducing a new feature called the MyGM/MyLEAGUE League Expansion to “NBA 2K17.” Polygon reports that this feature will allow for players to expand to 36 teams within the league. It should be noted that NBA in the real setting currently has 30 teams.

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NBA 2K17: Update A New Roster

NBA 2K17: Update A New Roster

According to reliable sources, NBA 2K17 game recently added a roster update that included a new face. Earl Watson, the Phoenix Suns’ head coach, has been included in the game and the facial scan looks accurate to his real life counterpart.

The NBA 2K17 games have notoriously struggled with online play functionality in the past. It would be a complete killjoy if similar problems hampered StreamCast. That said, streaming and on-demand video shouldn’t create the same types of issues as online play.

This one may seem minor, but floaters are absolutely broken in NBA 2K17; if Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook gets a floater in the air, there’s no doubt it’s going in regardless of how much defense you play — not to mention it’s way too easy for the CPU to pull off floaters on you. Whether it’s Tony Parker or Raymond Felton, as soon as you see the ball go up in the air as a floater, you know you just gave up two points. Too often, I’ve been burnt by an average point guard getting a floater in when he’s getting double teamed and my only desire, NBA 2K17, is for this to be fixed.

This is similar to the update last month which added Tyronn Lue as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers after they fired David Blatt unceremoniously after the team suffered a big loss to the Golden State Warriors. Not to mention the Cavaliers lost to the same team in last year’s NBA Finals. 2K Sports releases a basketball simulation game every year which is developed in co-ordination with Visual Concepts. The next game NBA 2k17 will also simulate the NBA players and the game with real life modes and matches. There is always a space for creativity with installation of modes like MyCareer, MyTeam, and normal game ups.

This is a pretty cool promotion and celebration of Curry’s unprecedented, unanimous MVP. He’s just the 11th player in NBA history to win back-to-back MVP awards, and as Under Armour’s prized sponsored athlete, it makes sense for them to make such a push to celebrate him in a clever way. Boomers player Patty Mills is excited about the inclusion. In our previous report.

NBA fans should expect major gameplay and graphic upgrade for the upcoming NBA2K17! According to the motion capture stage manager. Anthony Tominia, he said “the markers describe the athletes’ bone lengths for us, then also give the rotation of those bones. It’s great to see NBA 2K17 recognizing our nation’s growing impact on the sport with the inclusion of Team Australia in NBA 2K17.

Since it reported the release date is Sept. 16, NBA 2K17 will be the second-earliest an NBA licensed game has ever released. Paul George is on the cover of the standard edition and Kobe Bryant is celebrated with the Legend Edition . Amazon Prime members can pre-order any version of NBA 2K17 for 20 percent off.

It isn’t clear why The Boomers were the first national team outside the US to get the NBA 2K17 treatment; we have reached out to NBA 2K17 and Basketball Australia for further comment. Keep your eyes on our site, the latest new is coming soon.

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