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Decision Made in NBA 2K17 Career Mode Should Has Influence

Decision Made in NBA 2K17 Career Mode Should Has Influence

As U4NBA concluded, there are almost no change in NBA 2K17 Career Mode compared with the previous version.

NBA 2K17

When you make decisions in life, there are always repercussions regardless if they are good or bad. The unfortunate thing is that this is not happening in NBA 2K16. The game offered us a great ballers experience but every decision made in Career Mode has no influence on the gameplay.

The way we see it, this is a flaw that needs to be fixed in NBA 2K17. The upcoming title needs a new Career Mode and one that takes into account of all your decisions made in the game. This will add in more realism in NBA 2K17.

But of course, there are many more ways to improve on Career Mode and the above is just one of them. Career Mode is our favourite mode in the NBA 2K series but it has been in stale state for far too long now.

Let’s hope NBA 2K17 changes that. We are waiting for the new features in this mode. By the way, if you’d like to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT or NBA 2K17 VC, come

NBA 2K17 Wishlist Part 2

NBA 2K17 Wishlist Part 2

With the left days when we are expecting for NBA 2K17, at the same time, we also have something to do, which is thinking about what we want to see in NBA 2K17. Maybe what we should do now, is expecting the releasing of NBA 2K17. Hope that it won’t let us down.

Different players seems have their own different ideas about that. Let’s see below.

One player shared his thought.”Thread 1 and thread 2 have been sent to LD2K and he will pass it on to the 2K Team. If you posted something in thread 1 or 2 already there is no need to post it again here.
All other wishlist threads will be removed.
All insightful comments will be forwarded to LD2K and the 2K Team. Keep comments appropriate.
Keep in mind MAJOR changes for 2K17 are most likely finished already.
This is not a thread to just complain about 2K16.”

Other players have their own suggestion, too. “Add option to skip all camera cuts not just After Basket ones, by far the most annoying part of this game is waiting 10 seconds per timeout just to get to the timeout screen.
Sort of the same, but PLEASE give us an option to play this as a video game not as a live TV presentation. I have literally 0 interest in watching the same 5 animations every single stoppage of play.
Refs should not have to inbound the ball just give the ball to the player . If they ball is in the refs hands it always takes at least 3 seconds just to give it to the in bounder.

nba-2k17 wishlist

Defensive AI is nonexistent. Like theres no AI whatsoever defenders will just stand still while their man walks away and gets wide open and theres no setting to fix this.”

“The problem with banning players who “quit” online games is that you don’t have any way of knowing if they actually left on their own or if they just had an Internet problem.
So maybe implement a mechanic like that, but way less harsh (like detecting first if the player systematically quits a lot of games, especially when losing).
Edit: And the way to solve the timeout galore is simply to not hand out so many fucking timeouts when we’re generally playing with 5-6 minute quarters. They need to scale down a lot more things NBA 2K17 MT Coins when games are shorter, like at most 3-4 fouls, and maybe 4-5 timeouts. There is really no such thing as “foul trouble” in this game, but this is a big part of real NBA games.”
After he post, someone agreed with him at once.
“I agree we don’t need as many timeouts but fouls should definitely be kept at 6 considering the bs animation fouls that occur almost every game where the opposing player bowls you over and does not receive a charging foul. Not to mention the animations you are forced into when attempting to play defense.”

Every players have their own wish in NBA 2K17, in some degree, i think that it reflected that they put NBA 2K in mind, so that they are willing to speak out what they thought.

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Players Want to See Improvements in NBA 2K17

Players Want to See Improvements in NBA 2K17

Many players shared their thought about NBA 2K17. In a word, what they want to see improvements in NBA 2K17. Please see below.

NBA 2K17

A: I hate every other game the coach walks in as says something like, “We’re playing the Cavs, and Lebron is one of the top players in the league, I need you to make a gameplan”. You’re the coach, you make the gameplan.

B: Any more customization. I’ve only had 3 MyGMs that I’ve actually had success with this year: Nets, Knicks, and of course my hometown Blazers, which I do every year. And in 2K15 I only could get through the Bucks (which was a great one for me), Kings, and Blazers. MyLeague just has so many options and customization, especially for 2K17, that for someone who just loves basketball as a whole it’s a great mode to play.

C: If you’ve ever played mygm you’d know you can change practice intensity for individual players. But honestly I’m gonna be upset if we can’t trade draft day rights like the computers can. You ever wanna draft someone at say 6, they’re projected to go 10th and some fuck takes them at 3 or 4. Why can’t I trade for that guy but when my pick comes I can see trade offers that include draftees? Then the season rolls around you can finally trade for the guy and it costs a fortune.

D: I can take team stretching for picks now and again, but not being able to trade the draftees at my digression really tilts me. That, and the trade logic of some teams make no sense.

After these, a senior players posted:” After playing a lot of MyGM this year I think a lot of work needs to be done. IMO MyGM was the worst game mode this year, it was stressing, illogical and unrealistic and really didn’t change from last year. Your actions as a GM are far from realistic and are very limited. Handling your players is one of the most stressful things to do, they complain about everything, wether is training intensity; role or playing minutes, they are never satisfied. Promises are broken, one player says he wants the training intensity to be reduced, you reduced it NBA 2K17 MT Coins 5 days later he comes to your office and tells you how you didn’t decreased the intensity, meanwhile 2 other players want the intensity to increase. Now, this is where it gets worse, if you refuse to do something a player or a staff member wants, they get mad and start playing like trash and now they want to leave your team. The Press forces you to say controversial statements which is very dumb NBA 2K17 MT not realistic, you’re always forced to say something bad about your team. The Head Coach gets mad because you didn’t draft the player he wanted it. There’s better prospects around and you want me to draft a 65 overall player instead of a 70+ rated player we scouted all year along? You have to be kidding me… The owner is a dickhead and always sets unrealistic goals, he wants a Big 3 (3 players with an 82 rating or better) by the end of Free Agency when there’s only an 80+ player or 3 80+ centers. Says he wants a championship when your team sucks. You have the perfect team to win a chip, yet your players won’t accept their roles and only want big contracts and be starters. You have a good team and not a single staff member wants a contract with your team. I can’t believe how these things are even possible, I expect major improvements in NBA 2K17.”

In my opinion, this person must be the true love of NBA 2K, he type so many words to express his thought about NBA 2K17. In his mind, he really hope that NBA 2K can do better and better.

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