NBA 2K20 New Features, Gameplay, MyCareer, WNBA, etc.

NBA 2K20 is the best basketball game you can play today, regardless of console. It features the best graphics and gameplay, groundbreaking game mode, unparalleled player control and customization, and a variety of new features. This guide will take you a little deeper into the NBA 2k20, visit here to see more details:


The best gameplay addition to NBA 2K20 is the upgraded ball-handling system. With 2K19, the game felt balanced too much towards favoring two attributes – speed and strength. 2K20 tweaks this but drastically lowering the amount of sprinting any player can do at once. It prevents constant drives to the basket and promotes a more cerebral approach, picking passes to open players. It makes playmakers that thrive on transitional play much more important in a team’s offensive makeup, while the next ball dribbling system allows for some spectacular steals and breakaway dunks.


This theme of player archetypes carries through into 2K20’s strongest mode, MyCAREER. Players can now assign points to certain attributes, but won’t be able to create an all-round superstar as in year’s past. Instead, it leans on the FIFA way of doing things, with the attributes available being set by other characteristics. This year sees your character build become more integral than ever.

Once you’ve selected your position you’re given a choice of pie charts – it’s more fun than that sounds – that dictate your skill breakdown, allowing you to choose where your abilities lie in terms of finishing, playmaking, shooting, and defense, as well as your physical profile. From there you can enhance specific areas with your character’s potential, which you’ll hopefully grow into further down the line. At the end of the process the game will spit out your player type, and with a near-endless number of potential types available to you this year’s MyCareer drives the level of personalization further than ever before.

MyCareer and its regular narrative story mode are one of the NBA 2K series’ centerpieces, so it’s no surprise to see it return here. ‘Where the Lights are Brightest’ has been hyped to be the best ‘story mode’ yet, and while it’s the most grounded in terms of story beats, it doesn’t introduce anything we haven’t seen before. Your created character will still meet currently in-vogue players from across the league (some putting in painfully stilted performances) and endure a predictably rocky road from college level to the bright lights of the NBA. There are narrative choices to be made, but you soon realize those choices are quite shallow and do little to impact the story. However well you perform in games, you’ll still get to choose your favorite team and score a big contract.


WNBA teams and players are featured for the first time ever in the series. They’ve gone above and beyond to make it more than a mere re-skin of the men’s sport. With a completely different commentary team at work in the women’s league, new animations, and an emphasis on the alternate way player’s handle and the game flows, it’s a basketball game in its own right. They can only be used in exhibition matches and a limited WNBA-specific season mode, but it’s still awesome that you can play as one of the 12 teams from the league to your heart’s content. Hopefully, future games can make the WNBA component deeper.


And then there is the returning MyTeam mode, while it’s still full to the brim with microtransactions (including an actual virtual casino because subtlety is dead). But it doesn’t stop it from being fun, and the player card-collecting is as compelling as ever, with a raft of challenges and play modes to draw you in ever deeper.

MyTeam points are a little more plentiful, and it’s now possible to build a decent team from naturally unlocked packs – and play them competitively. Getting beaten unfairly by overstacked teams is also less of an issue thanks to a new Position Lock feature that stops less scrupulous players from using high stat cards out of position. MyTeam is the mode that suffers most from a pay-to-win ethos, but, all things considered, it didn’t hurt my time with the game. In addition, if you want to play better in NBA 2k20 MyTEAM, you can buy mt 2k20 mt at u4gm, ultra-low price, and fast delivery, while taking you to enjoy our top service.


In collaboration with Steve Stout and United Masters, this year’s soundtrack features a diverse array of top songs from both well-known and up-and-coming artists from across the globe. As a platform for creativity and discovery, the soundtrack will be dynamically updated with new music post-launch for the first time ever, from the known and the next generations of top artists.


Play with over 10 new legendary teams from the past, including the 2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers, 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers, 2013-14 San Antonio Spurs, 2002-03 Phoenix Suns, and All-Decade teams from every era of NBA history. Over 100 total legendary teams to choose from.


Dynamic, broadcast-quality gameplay presentation featuring the deepest roster of talent in sports videogame history, led by Kevin Harlan, Ernie Johnson, and many more. It’s an audio experience unlike any other, with over 60,000 new lines of dialogue, all-new studio shows and game intros, MyPLAYER interviews, records and milestone coverage, and over 2,000 arena specific crowd reactions and sounds.


The mode the most fun with was MyLeague, where you can play full seasons with simulation features like trading. If you want an even deeper simulation experience, there is MyGM. Here you play as a general manager and have full control over the franchise of your choice. You can do things like set ticket prices, chat with the players to increase moral, hire and fire staff and manage your team’s finances. This mode is played more like a resource management strategy game and playing actual basketball is optional. It is another great thing about all the modes in My League is that there is no Virtual Currency insight.


Take the game anywhere and challenge your friends using the fully supported dual Joy-Con™ controls. Enjoy access to all online and offline game modes with no additional console accessories required.

NBA 2K20 Pros

Superlative basketball action
Visually stunning
MyCAREER might be the best it’s ever been

NBA 2K20 is the best-selling video game of the year and a good choice for you to kill your spare time. What do you think about that? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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