Best NBA 2K20 Dribble Moves Guide

For NBA 2K20, the developers spent considerable time overhauling the dribbling mechanics. Along with a more realistic, overhauled motion system, the animations and timing for dribbling were a specific focus of the game’s development. Here’s a best NBA 2k20 dribble moves guide that teaches you how to optimize your dribble and play better in the game.

How to Dribble in NBA 2K20

The New Stuff

Animations. You will still be able to customize your animations however you want fully, but now there are more of them for different situations.

Cuts, pick and rolls, hesitation moves, inverted moves, you will need to get used to having different animations for these motions and more.

Not only that, but overdribbling not only depletes stamina faster, but it makes you more likely to get the ball stolen or mishandle it into a bad situation.

➫ Signature Moves

• James Harden
• LeBron James
• Magic Johnson
• Kobe Bryant
• Jerry West
• Dennis Johnson
• John Stockton
• Allen Iverson
• Tim Hardaway
• Steve Nash
• Jason Kidd
• Isiah Thomas
• Chris Paul
• Damian Lillard
• Russell Westbrook
• Kyrie Irving
• Kemba Walker
• Stephen Curry
• Paul George
• Kawhi Leonard

Size-Up and Chain

The new size-up mechanic allows players to time their dribbles and chain animations into other moves.

But this is also where most of your time will be spent, both learning and re-learning the 2K dribbling system.

As you move on from basic hesitations and step backs to full-on movement chains, you can freely swap out your animations to find what feels the best for you.

The Basic Dribble Moves

Here’s what you need to know to excel at handling the ball. To try out these moves, use 2KU tutorial mode in the Features menu and practice.

Here’s a list of basic dribbling maneuvers:

SprintHold R2/RT + move Left Stick in any direction.
Signature Size-Up ChainsExperiment with flicking the Right Stick to perform standing dribble moves. Perform standing dribble moves in rapid succession to trigger special signature size-up combo moves.
HesitationMove Right Stick right then quickly release when dribbling with the right hand.
CrossoverMove Right Stick left then quickly release when dribbling with the right hand.
Between Legs CrossMove Right Stick down left then quickly release when dribbling with the right hand.
Behind the BackMove Right Stick down then quickly release.
SpinRotate Right Stick clockwise then quickly release when dribbling with the right hand.
Half SpinRotate Right Stick in a quarter-circle from right to up then quickly release when dribbling with the right hand.
Hard Stop / StutterTap L2/LT while driving for a quick change of speed to break a defender off and set up an open shot. It’s also useful for freezing them for a stop-and-go blowby to the hoop.
Hold Off DefendersHolding L2/LT allows you to use your body to shield off defenders while dribbling. Use it against trailing defenders to prevent them from getting around you, making it easier to finish at the rim.

Best Dribble Moves in NBA 2K20

For those who have found out the basics of how to call a screen in NBA 2K20 and interested in the best NBA 2K20 Dribbling moves, the video below describes a build that can deliver some excellent results.

Here we’ll be presenting the best NBA 2K20 dribble moves animations list.

Dribble Style: Jason Kidd

Size-Up Package: A. Iverson – This is the move that allows you to do the fast momentum.

Moving Crossover: Pro 2 – The way it does between your legs, it’s really well, it allows you to spin back every time and then the way that it’s just like a normal crossover also makes you spin back pretty well and it creates a lot of space.

Moving Behind the Back: Pro 3 – It’s basically the only good for some players, so you have to use that.

Moving Spins: Basic 1 – The glitchy launched backspin that you want to use this year is a basic one, it lets you launch back.

Moving Hesitations: Pro 5 – Every single time I try it so easily and it sends you even further back than last year. Because you can just run backward.

Triple Threat Style: Normal 5 – It’s by far the fastest one, it gives you a good boost out of it.

Dribble Pull-Ups: Normal 4 – It’s the one that I used last year, it’s the only good one, it will create much space for you.

Hop Jumpers: Normal 14 – It will make you step back so much far.

As mentioned before, creating a fast swing is one of the advantages of this best NBA 2K20 dribble moves. In addition, the launch, which comes with the Basic 1 Moving Spin, is strong in creating space for the best jumps in NBA 2K20.

How to Change Dribble Moves in NBA 2K20

One animation you can change that impacts your play style is Dribble Moves. Below you will find how to change Dribble Moves in NBA 2K20.

➫ Access The MyPLAYER Animations Menu

To access your animations you need to first access the MyPLAYER Appearance tab from the options screen. From here select the My Animations menu from the navigation screen. Select this option to be taken to a new screen with a slew of animation options you can change.

Change Your Dribble Moves on the My Animations Screen

Note: You will have no Dribble Moves when you start. You’ll need to buy Dribble Moves from the Animation Store which is the tab beside My Animations. These Dribble Moves will cost you VC to purchase. As you level up, you will unlock more Dribble Moves for purchase.

When you arrive on the My Animations screen you will be greeted by several options. Dribble Moves is the second option on the screen and it is what we want to change. To change your Dribble Moves, select the type you want to change and set a new move. Once you’ve activated new moves you can then use these moves during games.

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