NBA 2K Get Thanks from Players

NBA 2K Get Thanks from Players

This year the upcoming NBA 2K17 is going to come out, and for players it has been years since the first version of NBA 2K released. With the popular degree of the series of NBA 2K, there are many players want to express their thanks to NBA 2K. The following is some comments we selected from internet.

Definitely: Two years ago I bought my first basketball game, 2k14 and loved it. But during that time I wasn’t a member of Reddit and therefore knew nothing of this community. Being able to be a part of r/nba2k has drastically increased my gaming experience and has made it worlds of new fun. Looking back at 2k14 seems like an entirely different game/experience to me because I was so “out of the loop” if you will. when I play 2k16 and surf this forum it’s like playing with thousands of other friends who enjoy it as much as I do. This sub has provided useful and funny game-related content on a consistent basis and I am thankful for that. Overall you guys have made this past year a lot more enjoyable for me. Thanks.

And the one who seems like the staff of NBA 2K replied him. yyy2k99: It’s always an awesome feeling when someone loves /r/NBA2k. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been able to find people to discuss and play the game with. You’ve been one of the most active and helpful members of this community recently and we hope you stay for the foreseeable future!

Lyricsmode: You are easily my favorite reddit moderator. Every issue I’ve had you have dealt with and I always see you around. Favorite sub probably too.
Agreed! I’ve been playing since NBA 2k9 and already had a pretty good network of friends accrued over time. However, this sub introduced me to some new friends and even to an awesome league. Thanks to the mods and everyone for making it a community!

fun-times: I know this is off topic but not gonna lie, you’re prob one of the best mods on reddit. Active with the community, always keeping up with the recent shit, keeping up with the sub and how its doing.

Bgross: Thanks! I certainly plan to! I’d like to echo the segments of the other users in this thread and say you do a darn good job yourself. Keep it up.

We can see how NBA 2K Games are popular. It accumulates many players these years. And now they are all expecting NBA 2K17. Hope NBA 2K Games can do better and better.

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